Melt Away Your Double Chin For Good.

January 31st 2023

Melt Away Your Double Chin For Good!If you’re self-conscious about a double chin, you’re far from alone. Whether the little excess baggage under your jawline is the result of a lifestyle, diet or genetics, it doesn’t change the fact that many people don’t want one. Ready to rid yourself of it   ▸

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Lip Filler Trends 2023

December 29th 2022

Celebrity Lip Trends 2023 The Natural Look is Here to StayWondering what the next must-have lip enhancement trends will be next year? You’ve come to the right place!Let's discuss our celebrity lip trend predictions for 2023.From Clara Bow’s iconic cupid’s bow in the 20s, to Kylie Jenner’s exaggerated full pout,   ▸

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The Connection Between Acne and Diet is Real!

December 15th 2022

Did you know that your diet can plays a major role in your skin health?It's time to stop blaming your acne on bacteria or strictly on your hormones.The reason you’re still struggling with your acne despite everything you tried is that traditional acne treatments methods only try to treat acne   ▸

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Grand Opening

July 16th 2021

Brand New Luxury Medical Oasis ~ Century Derma Lounge For Inquiries Please Contact Us Phone: (403) 764-8076 Email: We are located at 4624 16th Avenue NW, 2nd Floor. Free Underground Parking in the Back.   ▸

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