Laser Hair Removal

At Century Derma Lounge we focus on delivering the best results for our patients and that means using the best available technology. We use the industry’s fastest and most versatile laser technology: the GentleMax Pro laser meets our high standards for both quality and patient comfort.

The “Rolls Royce” of laser hair removal devices. The revolutionary GentleMax Pro offers a virtually painless hair removal process and is suitable for all skin types and hair colors.

With our industry-leading technology we can eliminate unwanted hair forever. With a few convenient treatments to your troublesome areas of body hair, we can have you smooth and hair-free in no time. Best of all, laser hair treatments are proven to be safe and effective for both women and men.

How Does it Work?

The GentleMax Pro offers more versatility and more power than other multi-wavelength devices, combining the power of a 755nm Alexandrite laser with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG. This allows for faster, more efficient treatment capabilities combined with greater ease of use for our technician. All of this adds up to what really matters the most: a great patient experience.

The GentleMax Pro offers special cooling technology to ensure that your treatments are as comfortable as possible, without sacrificing power or efficiency.

Prior to your treatment, be sure to shave the areas you wish to have treated. During your procedure, the GentleMax Pro will eliminate unwanted hair by targeting and destroying the follicle at the root, leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed. This safely and effectively reduces hair growth on all skin types in multiple areas.

Benefits of GentleMax Pro:

Treats All Skin Types
GentleMax Pro treats patients with light and dark skin. For those with darker skin or sun damage, the laser technician uses the 1064 nm wavelength to avoid harming the overlying skin’s pigment. Lighter skinned patients get treated with the 755 nm Alexandrite.

Permanently Removes up to 80% of Unwanted Hair
GentleMax Pro permanently removes unwanted hair. Patients see a reduction of up to 75-80% percent after completing the treatment protocol.

Fast and Painless
GentleMax Pro is fast and painless. It can treat large areas at once, and the system numbs the area with a cryogen freezing spray. The cryogen spray numbs the skin immediately before the laser fires, making the treatment painless.



How Many Treatments Will I Need?

With the GentleMax Pro, typically 4-6 sessions are needed spaced 6 weeks apart. Results vary per individual.