GentleMax Photorejuvenation

Our GentleMax Photorejuvenation treatment enhances your appearance and skin texture by treating fine lines, wrinkles, redness, rosacea & scars.

Century Derma Lounge is proud to offer the GentleMax Pro laser as an effective way to tighten the skin and remove spots and skin discolorations. Safe on all skin types, the GentleMax Pro combines two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite for pigment removal on lighter skin tones and the nd-YAG for skin tightening on all skin types.

GentleMax Pro is the gold standard laser that will improve your skin conditions and provide you with the noticeable result even after the very first treatment. No gel, anesthesia or interruption of daily routine necessary.

The dual wavelength GentleMax Pro helps smooth wrinkles by stimulating and increasing collagen production under the surface of the skin. An overall improvement in skin texture, skin tone and pore size can be expected after a series of treatments. Photo rejuvenation can also remove unwanted brown spots and freckles resulting from sun damage, age and hormones, as well as make small vascular lesions disappear from the skin’s surface.

Skin Tightening

Under eye bags, marionette lines, jowls, and turkey neck are all examples of the sagging that comes to all of us eventually as we steadily lose collagen. But you no longer must simply accept it. GentleMax Pro can help you boost and maintain collagen to keep skin smooth and tight, reducing laxity and sagging.


Finding the right treatment to combat adolescent or adult acne can be extremely difficult, sufferers often struggle with controlling outbreaks and appearance of acne. Using a combination of laser wavelengths, the GentleMax Pro laser reduces the amount of surface bacteria on the skin preventing the clogging and buildup of oil in the pores. The lasers energy also penetrates the skin to kill bacteria deep inside the root of the pore, reducing the likelihood of acne formation. An added benefit of laser acne therapy is its ability to fade acne scarring and discoloration, making it a dual acne treatment.

Rosacea and Redness

GentleMax Pro can also treat skin conditions that cause redness or flushing of the skin, rosacea is the most of these skin conditions. GentleMax laser therapy treats the underlying cause reducing symptoms and helping sufferers manage. Redness and rosacea occur when the tiny blood vessels in the skin dilate and remain dilated. The Candela GentleMax Pro laser targets the dilated vessels causing them to contract, and breakdown. The redness then dissipates, and skin is left with increased clarity and balance.


Soaking up the sun feels great but can often lead to the appearance of sunspots or pigmented lesions on the hands, neck and face. Age related collagen and elasticity loss also adds to the formation of age spots which often impede on confidence and make people appear older than they are or feel. The GentleMax Pro assists in eliminating pigmented lesions, age spots and sunspots for more youthful, radiant skin. Overtime the appearance of the spot will fade until it is unnoticeable.



Will it hurt?

Our GentleMax Pro has a built-in cooling technology which prevents the skin from overheating. However, some patients may feel slight discomfort with the laser pulse, often described like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This is only minimal and dissipates quickly.

How many treatments are needed?

Each client is unique, and so are their needs. We tailor our treatments to your needs, however most clients require between 3-6 treatments.

The effect is immediately visible and noticeable after the procedure: it smooths out wrinkles, minimizes pores, restores the tone and color of the face, noticeable hardening of the facial skin and a lifting effect.

Treatment Areas

Common targeted areas are the face, chest, back of the hands and top of the shoulders and back.