5G MAX Laser Lift

5G MAX Laser Lift

The 5G Max Laser Lift is one of our TOP 5 client favourites! Not surprising as it's FAST, PAINLESS & offers INCREDIBLE RESULTS.

Safe on all skin types, the GentleMax Pro combines two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite for pigment removal on lighter skin tones and the nd-YAG for skin tightening on all skin types.

GentleMax Pro is the gold standard laser that will improve your skin conditions and provide you with the noticeable result even after the very first treatment. No gel, anaesthesia or interruption of daily routine necessary.

The dual wavelength GentleMax Pro helps smooth wrinkles by stimulating and increasing collagen production under the surface of the skin. An overall improvement in skin texture, skin tone and pore size can be expected after a series of treatments.

Benefits of the 5G include

  • Lifting & Slimming of Face
  • Tightening of Skin
  • Smoothing of Fine Lines
  • Evens out Skin Tone & Texture
  • Brightens Complexion
Noticeable results after just 1 treatment but for best results we recommend a series of 3.

Treatment Areas

Face, Hands, Arms, Knees, Neck

Treatment Cost: $650

Package discounts available.


Will it hurt?

Our GentleMax Pro has a built-in cooling technology which prevents the skin from overheating. However, some patients may feel slight discomfort with the laser pulse, often described like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This is only minimal and dissipates quickly.

How many treatments are needed?

Each client is unique, and so are their needs. We tailor our treatments to your needs, however most clients require between 3-6 treatments.

The effect is immediately visible and noticeable after the procedure: it smooths out wrinkles, minimises pores, restores the tone and colour of the face, noticeable hardening of the facial skin and a lifting effect.